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Training & Workshops

It Starts with You!

Join the Learntech Educational Experience. Learn the necessary skills for innovative and creative skills. Learntech offers Educational Technology Training courses and workshops on different topics and understandings for Teachers and Instructors. 

We help carve your road map on how to integrate technology in education in your classroom. Learntech provides only the best experienced trainers to assist you in preparing a well-rounded EdTech environment for you and your students.


How to Create an e-Lesson

An e-lesson is the teacher’s path to EdTech Success. Learntech trainers will assist you in picking the right software, having the right skills to create, edit and publish  your one time resourceful lessons that will stay with you forever. 

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How to prepare an online session

Time Management, Coherency and Blending technology in education are some of the tools that you will learn in this course. How to create interest to students  and how to create the efficiency that that the normal board and the normal book wont deliver.

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How to create, edit and publish Educational Videos

Visual aids such as Videos, animations and simulations are the present and the future. The more you know how to create videos the better you will attract students to the subject. In this course, our trainers will help you create, edit and publish educational videos.

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What & How to use Educational Applications

There are tons of educational applications that you can find online, the good, the bad and the ugly. What are the best applications for your classroom? What is the best application for your subject? What is the best interactive application that will ease your work and help students understand the subject better. We at Learntech have studied almost all the applications out there dedicated for a classroom and came up with a Training course that will help you learn, pick and use the right applications for your class.

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Importance of Educational Extensions & Plugins

Educational Plugins and extensions are the most under-rated tools in the world at the moment. You can simplify your day-to-day work with these remarkable plugins that can ease the whole teaching process.

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